Saturday, November 28, 2020

Juniper Practice Tests with Network Simulator Discount Offer is offering special discount on Juniper Network Simulator on the occasion of Thanksgiving holidays. The discount offer is available on other products also, which include Juniper JNCIA, Juniper Switch Simulator.

Juniper JNCIA, short for Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate, is among the most valued certifications in the Internet arena. The topics covered in the certification exam include TCP/IP and OSI fundamentals, subnetting, IPv4 and IPv6, JUNOS, routing protocols, networking management, and troubleshooting.

The Juniper JNCIA practice tests offered by include hundreds of questions with explanation for each question. Different question types, such as drag n drop, hot spot, and simulations enable candidates to understand the topics well and prepare for the actual exam.

Please visit the website for free download and evaluation of the software.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Juniper® JNCIA™ JN0-103 Network sim with Practice Exams is a leading practice exam vendor that has recently updated its JNCIA-Junos Practice Tests with Network Simulator Software that conforms to the latest exam objectives for the candidates who are going to sit for the Juniper® JNCIA™-Junos Certification Exam in the next couple of days or weeks.

The network simulator provides practice lab exercises with detailed lab help files to practice before the exam and the exam simulator provides more than 250 sample questions that simulate the real exam environment. The question types include in the practice exams are multiple-choice single/double answer, drag-n-drop, True/False, Simlets and etc. 

Highlights of JNCIA JN0-103 Practice Exams with Netsim software:

  • 250+ practice questions with flashcards
  • Lab exercises for hands-on practice
  • Conforms the latest exam objectives of JN0-103
  • Category wise scoring and reporting.
  • Different question types like MCSA/MCMA, True/False, Drag-n-Drop, Simlets etc.
  • Simulates Juniper® Junos Routers
  • Provides detailed lab manuals
  • Simulate Juniper® J-Series routers J2320, J2350, J4350, J6350, M-series routers M7i and M10i.
The demo version of the JNCIA™ practice exam with netsim will have a limited number of labs and questions to practice. The full version will have 250+ questions and 100+ lab exercises, with help files. The test environment provides a better experience for the user and tests the ability to pass the actual test.

About The website is the brand site of Anand software and training offers Network simulators and exam simulators for Juniper JNCIA JN0–103 certification exam according to the new exam objectives.

Disclaimer: is not associated with Juniper® or any other company and all the labsims, and practice tests on the website is copyright of JNCIA®-Junos is a registered trademark of Juniper systems® and duly acknowledged.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Juniper Labs - Configuration and ping between two routers

The lab explains configuration and pinging between two routers,

1. Click network diagram button and select device WS1 from network diagram.
2. And in WS1 prompt enter as ip address and as default-gateway
3. Select device WS2 from network diagram and configure ip address and defaultgateway
4. Ping WS1 from WS2 and it should be successful for verifying proper configuration.

For complete lab visit:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Juniper Netsim with Examsim for JNCIA Update 2, leading network simulators developer, revised Juniper Netsim with Examsim for JNCIA recently. The update includes addition of labs and commands to the existing database. The practice tests consist of 100s of questions with flash cards. The exam engine, a world class software, offers timed test with MCQs and simulation type questions. Features offered by the software include Learn and Exam modes, Day/Night screens, font adjustment, questions bookmarking, analytics, and others.

Juniper Exam Sim offers the practice tests for candidates preparing for final exam. The software doesn't include the Netsim. This is useful for candidates already having sufficient hands-on experience with Juniper JUNOS networking commands. Alternatively, one may get the JNCIA practice tests and Juniper JUNOS Netsim products. Juniper JUNOS network simulator provides virtual environment where in one can practice Juniper labs in a virtual environment. No physical equipment is required for practicing the labs. The software also allows you to design and simulate different lab scenarios, only limited by the commands available and the virtual devices and/or connections.

About The website, a pioneer in the area of online tests and netsims, offers exam sims and netsims for Cisco CCNA, CCNP, Comptia A+, Network+, Security+, Jun iper JUNOS, and others. The certexams blog provides up to date information on various certs like CCNA.

Disclaimer: is not associated with Juniper Networks(R). JNCIA and JUNOS are the registered trademarks of Juniper Networks and duly acknowledged.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Juniper Netsim Update 3 updated Juniper JNCIA NetSim recently. The main change is in the designer module which is now more user friendly. The labels at the device interfaces were not properly being placed in the older design. The same has been updated.

Check it out:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Juniper ExamSim Update 2 updated Juniper ExamSim for additional features. The new features include full screen mode, night mode, and a few other. The full screen mode is useful in exam and learn mode as the candidate can have full screen view of the exam screen without usually header and footer. The screen area for questions and answers is maximized by this. In the night mode, the usual black and white (letters are usually black) is reversed. The screen is turned black and the letters white. The advantage of this features is less amount of light is emitted, thus resulting in less strain on eyes.

Check out the Juniper JNCIA exam sim here:

You may also be interested in the network simulator for Juniper JNCIA
It is also available in the composite mode: Juniper Examsim with Netsim for JNCIA 

Juniper networking components are one of the most widely deployed after Cisco. Juniper is known for high-end networking devices such as gigabit routers and switches.

Juniper certs, such as JNCIA deals with installing and configuring Juniper routers and switches in a small office environment. The netsim provides hands on experience in using juniper routers and swithces in virtual environment, thus saving money in actually purchasing these high end equipment.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Juniper NetSim Update

The network simulator for Juniper JNCIA has been updated to include more labs and also some features had been added to the simulator. The additional features include the following:

1. Bookmarking individual labs - User can right click on any desired lab and select "Bookmark" option. User will be able to review only the bookmarked labs at later date. Of course, you can remove bookmarks if required.

2. Lab status indicator - It is useful to identify the labs that have been completed, attempted but not yet completed and un-attempted labs. The software provides color coding on individual lab status so that a User would be able to readily identify the lab status (such as attempted, completed, and not yet attempted). You will be able to reset the lab status, if required.

3. Lab progress indicator - It is now possible to view the lab progress, in other words, how much of a given lab has been completed. It helps in knowing the time required to complete and if you are doing the lab using proper commands.

4. The lab manual has been encrypted to prevent accidental corruption.

Please visit our product page Juniper NetSim for more information.

This being a software simulator, not all commands are available. Only a limited set of commands are required by respective certification topics are covered. For available commands, please visit this link:

You may view Juniper labs by visiting this page. These labs are currently available and updated from time to time.